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Based on the latest iPhone 5 information, originally the release time which includes caused quite a debate, was 5th of September but Apple has pushed this time to the middle of October 2011. That delay is rumored to have already been deliberate in order to coincide with the release in the upcoming holidays. The new iPhone 5 is also likely to run using the iOS os with Apples very own cloud based media service iCloud. Many iPhone customers who have already decided to buy their new iPhone design are considering approaches to customize their telephone including decorating it with jewelry and personalized emboss to give their new unit some of their own designer brand personality and charm. Users will also be wanting the new iPhone 5 to be introduced in both black as well as white color considering that the white counterparts of the whole past iPhone line gained their own pair of recognition. Even if Apple doesnt come up with the white version of the new telephone as soon as its introduced, it will be definitely introduced by them in a month or two, since they are known not to disappoint the white iPhone supporters.