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This page is currently in progress. Feel free to add your own instructions.

This page is in progress. feel free to add your own instructions.

Speed up Wordpress By Using "Turbo"

Have you noticed the "Turbo" button? It allows you to speed up your Wordpress experience by storing all of Wordpress' chrome on your computer It reduces server load too, because you're not constantly downloading the menu.

To find out how to use it, go to or simply click 'Turbo' and try it out.

Managing your blog from an iPhone/iPod Touch

Before you begin, you need to turn on XML-RPC, which is a protocol for other programs to plug into your blog. Do this by going to{your blog name}/wp-admin/options-writing.php and checking the "XML-RPC" option.

XML-RPC 1.png
XML-RPC 2.png

Next, go to the App store and download the free "Wordpress" app.

In the app, select "Add another blog..." and fill in the following options:

Blog URL:{your blog name} User Name: {your user name} Password: {your password}

That's it!