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Dear humanities computing folk,

I am writing to invite you to participate in the second "Day of Digital Humanities 2010".

On March 18, 2010 individuals working or studying at the intersection of the humanities and computing (or related professions) will document the events of their day. We would like to invite you to participate.

We will be treating this project as an online collaborative publication, with each participant as a co-author. The idea is that you will spend one day writing about and taking pictures of what you do as a digital humanist for an online publication that will resemble a collection of blogs of that day. You can learn about last year’s Day of Digital Humanities at:

After the data is collected, everyone will get a chance to link and comment on the journals of others before it is frozen. Perhaps more exciting, though, is the plan to release the raw data (texts and images) for everyone to analyze. (Last year's data is almost ready for distribution.) For those interested in data visualization, this will provide a data set for displaying semantic links between different stories. We will also be providing a live RSS feed for those that want to try visualizations on the day.

If you want to participate we ask that you apply using the online application form at:

We will accept applications up to March 10th, though we would prefer that you apply before so we can set you up.

We hope that this project will be a way to document the variety of what we do in the digital humanities. We especially want graduate students to participate! You don't have to be doing something special that day to contribute!


Geoffrey Rockwell