Thoughts about how to run such a project for next time

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  • GR: We were told that graduate students were reluctant to participate because they don't feel they are doing anything interesting. One grad student joked that they were "boring". How can we make the project more inviting?
  • GR: There is a perception that this project is about self-promotion and that everyone will use their postings to advertise what they are doing.
  • PS (Patrick Sahle): Most important: This SHOULD be repeated next year on march 18.
  • PS: Student involvement. I liked the idea from DF (Domenico Fiormonte): one blog for "DF student's". I would like to offer the same to my students (graduated or not) next time.
  • PS: Advertisement - what's wrong with that? I thought, the project IS about documenting what we are doing ...
  • GR: We need to sort out the data in the blogs so we can create well formed XML easily.

Tagging Notes from Megan

  1. Don’t capitalize the tags – takes too long to type
  2. Using a British ‘s’ in place of a North American ‘z’ makes so much sense from a typing point of view. The motion needed to strike the ‘z’ is totally unnatural.
  3. Have people tag their own blogs next time around so that there is something to compare with our tagging
  4. Willard needs his own tag set ;)

Suggestions for tags next time around:

  • Funding
  • Collaboration
  • Social networking
  • Gaming
  • Leisure
  • Students – to cover all the non-teaching activities that people do with their students such as supervising student research. This activity represented a vast deal of real estate, and I should have picked up on it earlier and added a tag. Definitely important next time around