Specifications for Custom Day of DH Entry Tool

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This page is to help us design a custom entry system to replace Word Press for the Day of DH project.


User Needs

  • Simple interface to blog that lets readers read the blog in reverse chronological order and lets author log in to add and edit entries.
  • Security so that only blog owner (and administrators) can edit blog entries.
  • The ability to create entries with the ease of a blog. Ideally this means a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Ability to save entries as drafts that aren't visible to readers until upgraded to published.
  • Ability to upload images and place in flow of the blog entry. The upload should ideally ask a permissions question as in "Do you have permission to upload this image and do you have permission from any others identifiable.
  • Blog entries should export as well-formed XML. That includes formatting in the entries. This is what we are having trouble with with WordPress. It escapes all the content.
  • Ability for users to paste from Word without all the MS Word XML crap being pasted in.
  • For entries we want fields for Title (to Entry), User Keywords, date of entry (automatic), and, of course, content.
  • We also may want fields for each for the Common tags we apply, and Editing field.
  • For each user's blog as a whole we want fields for User's Name, Location, and University Affiliation.

Project Needs

  • Ability for an administrator to create a batch (over 100) of blogs from a table.
  • Ability to add blogs on the fly and to edit all the blogs as needed if there are problems.
  • Ability to export all the blogs as an XML file similar to the model we developed for Day of DH 2009.
  • Ability to have a master page that provides a list of all users and links to their blog. Each blog should also link back to this page.