Invitation to Participate in the Third Annual Day of Digital Humanities

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Digital humanists are invited to participate in the third annual Day of Digital Humanities, a project tracking 24 hours in the field of digital humanities. On March 18th, 2011 individuals in the field or related professions will document the events of their day with photos and discussion.

This project is an online collaborative publication, with each participant co-authoring and decisions made communally. However, participating in the Day of DH shouldn't require a large time commitment. Most of the work will be in uploading short entries and photographs during the documentation day. The degree of involvement beyond that will be up to you. To find out about the previous two iterations of the Day of Digital Humanities see:

This project is bring members of all types and from around the field together to post about what they do and reflect on what others are doing. We particularly encourage graduate students, developers and international colleagues to participate. You don't have to be "important"; you don't have to write in English; and you don't have to have a lot of experience in the field. Your opinions count!

To participate please fill out the application form, preferably before March 15th, 2011. We try to process all applications, even on the day itself, but may fall behind.

Apply now.


Geoffrey Rockwell