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Theres no need to panic, if your check engine light has come on. Its unlikely anything is going to explode. However, this doesnt mean you ought to ignore it. The check motor light or engine diagnosis light, also known as the idiot light, means that the digital gadgetry in the car have detected a problem. Modern day cars have electronics controlling or monitoring virtually every thing in your car. This includes braking devices, service engine soon, motor performance, emissions and so on. Its a long list of possible things. In the good old days, so to speak, car technology were fewer things were managed by computer and much simpler. Sometimes it had been possible simply to disconnect the battery and the service engine soon would turn off. Not only can that not work now, nevertheless, you risk damaging the more sensitive electronic devices by playing unnecessarily along with your battery. Other annoying problems include your car radio going into safety method and requiring a flag code before running. Do you remember where you put it? The of short long it is until you search for a mechanic that you are not planning to get this light down. This is actually a good thing.