Bridging HPC and the Humanities

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Note This wiki is a work in progress. It is neither complete or polished.

Planning the Event

An outline of what has to be done.

  1. Set up meeting with Paul and Ron.
  2. Work with AICT to identify a week (or backup). Book their lab and technical support people.
  3. Strategize on teams to invite.
  4. Invite keynote speakers. (Steve Downie, Melissa Terras)
  5. Help remote teams to get funding. Contact Sharcnet and NSF.
  6. Get project proposals from teams.
  7. Develop training schedule around needs of projects.
  8. Plan event.
  9. Deliver.


  • Development of the web site and any handouts/materials. (MML)
  • Coordinating participants and their travel. (GR)
  • Coordinating the training and event schedule. (GR)
  • Organizing the rooms. (MML)
  • Coordinating final public event. (MML?)
  • Organizing all the catering. (MML)