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Usually, cash advance were only readily available for people who had regular jobs, as one of the most important requirements in getting accepted for a cash advance is a regular revenue stream. Although in recent years, creditors have now extended cash advances to people who do not meet the need of having a constant revenue stream that the mortgage may be repaid. It is because you will find now some lenders who offer money advances to unemployed people. However, even though cash advance that people get is somewhat just like the cash advances that are made available to unemployed people, you will find very stark differences, which have end up being the explanations why lenders offer these loans in the first place. The basis for the differences in the costs and the loan amounts is that since lenders consider unemployed people a greater risk. However, its because of the high rates and the low loan amounts which have made most of these loan products very common among creditors, as they may prove to be more profitable than regular cash loan loans they give employed people. With all this, unemployed people who are thinking of getting these types of loan must ensure that theyve thoroughly considered the pros and cons in obtaining a cash advance loan.