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Manuscript Studies
Medieval and Early Modern

Bibliography: Basic resources worth knowing

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Some "basic" reading and reference resources in Manuscript Studies and Archival Research (some places to start):

Beal, Peter, et al. Index of English Literary Manuscripts. Ed. P. J. Croft, Theodore Hofmann, and John Horden. 4 vols. in 11. London and New York: Mansell, 1980-1993. [A finding list for the manuscripts of English authors, from 1450 to 1900.]

Bischoff, Bernhard. Latin Palaeography: Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Trans. Dáibhí O. Cróinín and David Ganz. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, in Association with the Medieval Academy of Ireland, 1990.

Book History 1 (1998)-. [Annual: journal of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP).] [* Subject heading: history of the book (journals); authors and authorship; reading and readers *]

Boyle, Leonard E. "Diplomatics." In Medieval Studies: An Introduction. Ed. James M. Powell. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1976. Pp. 69-101. [2nd ed., 1992.]

Boyle, Leonard E. Medieval Latin Palaeography: A Bibliographical Introduction. Toronto Medieval Bibliographies 8. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, in Association with the Centre for Medieval Studies, 1984. [Each of the major sections of Boyle's bibliography is introduced by short but quite useful essays or notes on the topic of the section. Included are essays on cultural setting; Latin writing and its derivatives; the monastic period; insular, Visigothic, Beneventan, Carolingian, Gothic, and humanistic hands; and the "human," "institutional," "textual," and "research" settings.]

Cappelli, Adriano. Lexicon abbreviaturarum: Dizionario di abbreviature latine ed italiane. 6th ed. Milan: Ulrico Hoepli, 1979. [A vital tool for the Latin paleographer: a dictionary of the abbreviations found commonly in Latin MSS. Less essential, but still useful, for English.]

Dawson, Giles E., and Laetitia Kennedy-Skipton. Elizabethan Handwriting, 1500-1650: A Manual. New York: W. W. Norton, 1966. [Paleographical handbook, based primarily on examples from the Folger Shakespeare Library.]

De Hamel, Christopher. "Medieval Manuscript Studies." In The Book Encompassed: Studies in Twentieth-Century Bibliography. Ed. Peter Davison. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 1992. Pp. 37-45. [Rpt. Winchester: St. Paul's Bibliographies; New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Books, 1998.] [De Hamel provides a rapid and readable survey of twentieth-century contributions to medieval manuscript studies, from M. R. James to Albinia de la Mare (and many others), including a list of the most significant books and series of books which students in this field should know.] [* Subject heading: bibliographical studies: history of; paleography: history of; codicology: history of *]

English Manuscript Studies, 1100-1700 1 (1988)-. [Annual (though not perfectly regular) journal.]

Gaskell, Philip. A New Introduction to Bibliography. Corrected reprint. Oxford: Clarendon Press; New York: Oxford University Press, 1974.

Glaister, Geoffrey Ashall. Glaister's Glossary of the Book: Terms used in Papermaking, Printing, Bookbinding and Publishing, with Notes on Illuminated Manuscripts and Private Presses. 2nd ed. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1979. [Reissued in 1996 (but not a new edition) as The Encyclopedia of the Book.]

Greetham, D. C. Textual Scholarship: An Introduction. Garland Reference Library of the Humanities 1417. New York and London: Garland Publishing, 1992.

Griffiths, Jeremy, and Derek Pearsall, eds. Book Production and Publishing in Britain 1375-1475. Cambridge Studies in Publishing and Printing History. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989. [Contents: R. J. Lyall, "Materials: The Paper Revolution"; Kathleen L. Scott, "Design, Decoration, and Illustration"; Mirjam M. Foot, "English Decorated Bookbindings"; C. Paul Christianson, "Evidence for the Study of London's Late Medieval Manuscript-Book Trade"; A. I. Doyle, "Publication by Members of the Religious Orders"; Anne Hudson, "Lollard Book Production"; Andrew Wathey, "The Production of Books of Liturgical Polyphony"; Kate Harris, "Patrons, Buyers and Owners: The Evidence for Ownership, and the Rôle of Book Owners in Book Production and the Book Trade"; Carol Meale, "Patrons, Buyers and Owners: Book Production and Social Status"; R. J. Lyall, "Books and Book Owners in Fifteenth-Century Scotland"; A. S. G. Edwards and Derek Pearsall, "The Manuscripts of the Major English Poetic Texts"; Julia Boffey and John J. Thompson, "Anthologies and Miscellanies: Production and Choice of Texts"; Vincent Gillespie, "Vernacular Books of Religion"; Linda Ehrsam Voigts, "Scientific and Medical Books"; N. F. Blake, "Manuscript to Print."]

John, James J. "Latin Paleography." In Medieval Studies: An Introduction. Ed. James M. Powell. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1976. Pp. 1-68. [2nd ed., 1992.]

Journal of the Early Book Society 1 (1997)-. [Quarterly journal of the Early Book Society.]

The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society 1 (1889)- [periodically restarts from vol. 1 with a new series number; now in Ser. 7].

Manuscripta: A Journal Devoted to Manuscript Studies 1 (1957)-. [Issued three times per year.] [* Subject heading: manuscripts (journals) *]

Munby, Lionel M. Reading Tudor and Stuart Handwriting. Alphabet drawn by Phillip Judge. Learning Local History 1. Chichester, Sussex: Published by Phillimore for British Association for Local History, 1988.

Petti, Anthony G. English Literary Hands from Chaucer to Dryden. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1977.

Rosenblum, Joseph. A Bibliographic History of the Book: An Annotated Guide to the Literature. Magill Bibliographies: The History of the Book 3. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1995. [* Subject heading: history of the book: bibliographies *]

Scriptorium: Revue Internationale des Etudes Relatives aux Manuscrits / International Review of Manuscript Studies 1 (1946)-.

Studies in Bibliography 1 (1948)-. [Annual: journal of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia.]

Williams, William Proctor, and Craig S. Abbott. An Introduction to Bibliographical and Textual Studies. 2nd ed. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 1989.

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