Mkamba is a village in the Lake Rukwa rift northeast of Sumbawanga in Rukwa Region. Between Sumbawanga and Mkamba is the Ufipa Escarpment, a branch of the Rukwa Rift. During a brief visit in 1989, we identified an Early Iron Age site, HxIo1. An almost complete pot was found eroding out of a section of sediment, about 2.5 m below the present land surface.

Lake RukwaUfipa Escarpment(a) Lake Rukwa and the Ufipa Escarpment; (b)Ufipa Escarpment near Mkamba

Early Iron Age potPotsherds(c) Early Iron Age (Kalambo Falls or Urewe style) pottery at Mkamba; (d) Potsherds


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