Galula is located at the north end of the Songwe River valley, and is associated with the extensive eroded lacustrine deposits of Pleistocene Lake Rukwa. The most notable thing about Galula is the church, built by French White Fathers almost a century ago. Iron Age and LSA sites are present.

(a)Galula church; (b) Father Vitus Sichalwe (Parish Priest) and Pam Willoughby in 1989

churchFather Vitus and Pam

Galula depositsGalula lacustrine deposits(a) Galula deposits; (b) Galula lacustrine deposits

Lake Magadi(c) Eliwasa Maro at Lake Magadi, 1990. Lake Magadi (Kiswahili for soda) is a small soda lake northeast of Galula.


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