Archaeologists, their field projects and archaeological association by geographic region (web sites suggested by Pam Willoughby and her students in Anthropology 481 in the Fall of 2002)


European Union(1) Europe

Archives of European Archaeology.

Association of Local Government Archaeology Officers, in England and Wales.


Lions at Chauvet Cave(A) Prehistoric Europe: Palaeolithic

The Cave of Lascaux. One of my (Pam's) favorite sites, with links to many other French Palaeolithic rock art web sites.

James Enloe. Palaeolithic archaeologist at the University of Iowa.

Meet the author. An interview with Paul Bahn, Palaeolithic rock art specialist. Oxbow Books monthly electronic newsletter, March 2003.

Les Eyzies, the world capital of prehistory. Official touist web site.

Musee national de prehistoire, Les Eyzies de Tayac, France.


(B) Prehistoric Europe: Neolithic

Irish megalithic monuments.

Colin Renfrew. Director of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge University.

EDGE 3rd Culture: A talk with Colin Renfrew.

Department of Archaeology, Cambridge University. Faculty research interests.

British Isles and Ireland.


(C) Classical archaeology of Europe

Prehistoric archaeology of the Aegean.

Knossos, Crete and the Minoan civilization of the Bronze Age.

Minoan civilization.

More about the Minoans.

Sir Arthur Evans and the discovery of the Minoan civilization.

The Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (HIMA).

Excavations at the forum in Pompeii by the University of Virginia. Another link to the same site.

The Anglo-American project in Pompeii. By the University of Bradford.


(D) Historic archaeology of Europe

Association of Diocesan and Cathedral Archaeologists. A professional association of archeologists who promote standards in the archaeology of churches.


(2) North America

America's Stone Age explorers. Nova (PBS) show on peopling the Americas, November 2004.

(A) The Arctic

Archaeology in Arctic North America. Robert Park's research.

Robert McGhee, curator of Arctic archaeology at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa.

Norman Alexander Easton. Archaeologist at Ayamdigut Campus, Yukon College. Intersted in Northern Athapaskan First Nations as well as Yukon underwater archaeology. Web site discusses his field school in archaeology and ethnography.

Alaska Anthropological Association.

Markland and Helluland Archaeology. The Vikings and contact with aboriginals in Eastern Canada.

Archaeological fieldwork in the Northwest Territories.


Canadian flag(B) Other Canada

History of archaeology in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Review of Pamela Jane Smith and Donald Mitchell's book "Bringing Back the Past: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Archaeology".

Pamela Jane Smith's web site. A specialist on history of archaeology.

Ontario Archaeological Society.

Manitoba Archaeological Society.

Saskatchewan Archaeological Society (SAS). Also this link on archaeological research in Saskatchewan.

The Provincial Museum of Alberta. Human History and Archaeology. Rock art.

Jack Brink's web site.

The history of Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, Alberta.


bison skull(C) The Great Plains

David Meltzer's web site. A professor at Southern Methodist University.

David Meltzer's QUEST Archaeological Research programme. Research on Paleo-Indian prehistory of the Great Plains, North America.


(D) The Pacific Northwest

Association of Historical Archaeologists of the Pacific Northwest.


(E) The American Southwest

The American Southwest.

Information about southwestern prehistory. At

Arizona Archaeological Council.

Arizona Archaeological Society.

Linda Cordell's web site. A professor at the University of Colorado. Alternate lin through the University of Colorado Museum.

Nevada Archaeological Association.

Michael Schiffer's web site. Links to research interests of faculty at the University of Arizona.

Web site discussing Julian Steward's research.


plant gatherer(F) Eastern North America

Patty Jo Watson. Professor at Washington University in St. Louis. Other sites that discuss her career include this one at the University of Texas.

Madeline Kneberg Lewis, 1930-1996. Conducted fieldwork in the Tennessee River Valley.


(G) Southeastern USA and Caribbean

Tennessee Archaeology Net.

Michael Faught's web site. An underwater archaeologist interested in remote sensing, as well as the discovery of off shore Paleo-Indian archaeological sites.

Caribbean archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Journal of Caribbean Archaeology.


(H) Historical archaeology of North America

Society for Historical Archaeology.

Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society, Virginia.

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Archaeological research at Colonial Williamsburg.

Excavations at Rich Neck Plantation, Colonial Williamsburg.

Florida Division of Historical Resources, Bureau of Archaeological Research.

Dr. Kathleen Deagan, Florida Museum of Natural History. Alternate site.

Her field project at St. Augustine, a Spanish settlement founded in AD 1565.

Historical archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Bureau of Archaeological Research, Government of Florida.

Windover Archaeological Project. Historical Society of Nrtoh Brevard, Titusville, Florida. Amazing waterlogged site with preserve human brain tissue, other remarkable finds.

Bog mummies, including those from Windover Pond.

Web sites about James Deetz who did historic archaeological research in the Eastern US and in California. Alternative site.


(3) Central America

Maya ruins by Barbara A. McKenzie.

Mesoweb. "An exploration of Mesoamerican cultures".

Excavations at Palenque, Mexico. A famous Mayan site.

The Aztecs of central Mexico. Site describing research of Michael Smith, SUNY Albany.

Teotihuacan home page. About the capital of the Aztecs.

Richard MacNeish. Worked on the origins of agriculture in the Tehuacan Valley of Mexico, in Peru, and on early sites in North America. Obituary from Peabody Foundation for Archaeology, Andover (his employer).

Mesoamerican archaeological research.

Heather McKillop, Louisiana State University and her research in the Mayan area of Belize. Alternative site.


(4) South America

Archaeology of South America. At

La Ciudad Perdida, Columbia; site constructed between 11th and 14th centuries. Another related web site.

Johan Reinhard. Mountaineer and discoverer of ice mummies in the high Andes of South America.

National Geographic Society web site about Johan Reinhard.

Research at Conchopata, a Huari site in the Andes of Peru, by Anita Cook and William Isbell.

Research at the Huaca Caso Viejo at the site of El Brujo, Peru.

Bruce Owen's web site. He conducts archaeological research in the Osmore Vealley of Peru.

History of archaeology at Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

Underwater archaeology at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. As reported in Backdirt, the newsletter of the Institute of Archaeology, UCLA.

"Lost city" yielding its secrets. (reinterpreting Machu Picchu) by John Noble Wilford. New York Times, March 18, 2003.

Archaeology in Brazil.


African woman(5) Africa

Archaeology on the net discussion of African archaeology.

Archaeology of Africa. On

Ancient African Architecture. On AEC Portico: your guide to architecture, engineering and comstruction.

pyramids(A) Egypt

Eternal Egypt. Official Egyptian Government web site.

Oriental Institute, University of Chicago.

Howard Carter 1874-1939. Discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamon. Excavations at the tomb of Tutankhamun. From the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford University.

Howard Carter's diary of the search for Tutankhamun. Ashmolean Museum.

Tourist site for Swaffham, England, includes a discussion of their famous resident, the Egyptologist Howard Carter.

Guardian's Egypt.

American Research Center in Egypt.

Amarna Research Foundation. For work at Tell al Amarna, Akenaten's city.

Mark Lehner and his work at the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Also this site from the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago.

The Plateau- official site for Zahi Hawass. Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Director of Giza Pyramids excavation.

Theban Mapping Project of Kent Weeks.

The Theban Royal mummy project.

Egyptology resources.

The University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology.

Archaeology of Egypt. From Mankato University. Also information from the E-museum site.


(B) West Africa

Nic David's (University of Calgary) research page, discussing the Mandara Mountains archaeology project in Cameroon. Nic David's teaching page.

Archaeology in the Inland Delta of Mali at Jenne-Jeno.

Ghana ethnoarchaeology project of Nick Gabrilopoulos and Caesar Apentik, University of Calgary.


Olduvai stamp(C) East Africa

Tanzanian archaeology.

Olduvai Gorge.

Tanzania: the land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.

Tim White and his palaeoanthropological research. Interview with Tim White.

Information about the Leakey family.

African Timelines. Information about African history and prehistory.

Jean Sept's web site. An archaeologist who is interested in human origins in East Africa.


South African flag(D) South Africa

The Parliamentary Millennium Project. Perspectives on the new South Africa.


(6) Near East

Ofer Bar-Yosef. Archaeologist who works on the stone age of Israel and Turkey. Alternative site.

Between foraging and farming. Enhanced web article by Bruce Smith. Science March 13, 1998.

Location, location, location: the first farmers. Enhanced web article by Jarrod Diamond. Science, November 14, 1997.

The cradle of agriculture. Enhanced web article by S. Lev-Yadun, A. Gopher and A. Abbo. Science, June 2, 2000.

University of Toronto's Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations.

Results of the Southeast Araba Archaeological Reconnaissance, Jordan. Paper by Andrew M. Smith II.

Research in the United Arab Emirates at Tell Abraq.

Chris Kostman, University of California at Berkeley's research on the 3rd and 2nd millennium BC. Also president of the Adventure Corps, which is affiliated with his own company Archaeoscience International.

Kathleen Kenyon. Excavator of Jericho.


Heinrich Schliemann and the rediscovery of Troy and Mycenae, Greece.

Was Troy a metropolis? Homer isn't talking. New York Times, October 22, 2002.

The Madaba Plains project, Jordan.


(7) South Asia

Excavations at Harrapa, Indus Valley, Pakistan.

A complete guide to the Indus civilization.

Harappa Archaeological Research Project.


Russian flag(8) Russia

The Lake Baikal Archaeological project, directed by Andrzej Weber, University of Alberta.


(9) East Asia

Ancient East Asia website, coordinated by Simon Holledge, Edinburgh.

Pamela Logan, a Caltech alumna's Asia Adventure Page. Including a discussion of the archaeology of the Silk Road.

Chinese Internet Information Center, Beijing. Official government web site discussing archaeology and paleontology.

National Gallery of Art, USA. The Golden age of Chinese archaeology: Celebrated discoveries from the People's Republic of China.


(10) Southeast Asia

Archaeological research in Indonesia. From Archaeology on the Net.


Australia flag(11) AustraliaAustralian aborigine flag

Australian archaeology.

Australian Archaeological Association. Includes a discussion of their code of ethics.

Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria, based at the University of Melbourne. Publishes journal called The Artifact.


(12) Oceania

New Zealand Archaeological Association.

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