Our Spring-Summer Research Team

Our team is ever-changing, even in this strange time. We have wrapped up work with our 2019-20 GRAs, who contributed to Orlando as they completed their MAs in English at Alberta. Rachel Narvey and Megan Gannett (a CWRC RA) have been terrific members of our team, checking new author entries in CWRC-Writer, and playing important roles in the development of markup documentation and other materials related to our revised interface. We extend hearty thanks to them.

We’re delighted to work with two undergraduate RAs this spring and summer: Brynn Lewis, who has just completed her Computer Science degree at Alberta, and Hannah Stewart, who continues her studies in English at Guelph. Brynn carries on with her interface responsibilities; Hannah will provide feedback on writing guidelines for internal and external contributors to the textbase, and check and create textbase entries.