Orlando’s New Interface: User Testing Begins

We’re happy to share news about one of our works in progress: we’re overhauling the Orlando textbase interface, making significant changes to it for the first time since the textbase went live in 2006.

We’re about to begin a key stage in the revision process: user testing. And we aim to gather a wide array of testers, from expert to novice, from people who are long-term members of the Orlando community to those who are very new to it.

Each testing session will comprise one online discussion in which the participant will¬†explore and provide¬†feedback on proposed changes to Orlando’s interface; they will not explore our current interface and no experience with it is required. The session will take approximately one hour.

If you’d like to join in, write to us at orlando {at} ualberta {dot} ca by this Friday, April 17. Testing will take place April 20-24, during sessions chosen by participants.

All participants will be named individually and thanked on our Credits page, which will be updated when the new interface goes live later this year.