Welcoming Orlando’s New Team Members

The Orlando Project is thrilled to welcome our new members for 2019-2020.

Orlando’s first post-doctoral fellow, Katherine Binhammer, joins us as Literary Director this year. Based at the University of Alberta, Professor Binhammer works on the history of the novel, eighteenth-century British cultural studies, and feminist literary history. She is the author of Downward Mobility: The Form of Capital and the Sentimental Novel (Johns Hopkins UP, 2020). 

Faculty-student collaborations are the core of much of our work. Rachel Narvey, an MA student at the University of Alberta, is our newest Graduate Research Assistant. Our team also includes Kristine Abramoff, currently at The University of Western Ontario. A Graduate Research Assistant in 2015-2016, Kristine is pleased to be back with Orlando, writing for us on multiple platforms. 

We look forward to another lively year!