The Orlando Project Doctoral Internship in Public Humanities

Orlando is hiring: we seek an incoming PhD student in English at the University of Alberta, to join us as an intern under the supervision of our Literary Director, Katherine Binhammer. The intern will contribute to the project’s ongoing and upcoming research and outreach initiatives, with opportunities to develop transferable skills in areas that align … Read more

Brynn Lewis on “Searching for a new Orlando”

A recent graduate of the Computing Science undergraduate program at the University of Alberta, project member Brynn Lewis discusses her contributions to Orlando’s site redesign: You’ve heard it here; you’ve heard it there; you’ve (hopefully) heard it everywhere: the Orlando Project is undergoing a site redesign. Our ambitious site transformation will deliver a sleek new … Read more

Orlando’s Revisions: Textbase Images

Our revisions to the Orlando interface continue apace, and we’re at work on an exciting new task: the collection of images for author entries, some shared with permission and others in the public domain. These include author portraits along with images of their texts and places associated with their lives and bodies of work. We … Read more

Hannah Stewart on “A Different Kind of Literary History”

This summer, our Undergraduate Research Assistants are blogging about their experience with the project. First up, Hannah Stewart from the University of Guelph: From the moment I found out that I was going to be an undergraduate research assistant working with the Orlando Project this summer, I was ecstatic. I’m an English major, an aspiring … Read more

Our Spring-Summer Research Team

Our team is ever-changing, even in this strange time. We have wrapped up work with our 2019-20 GRAs, who contributed to Orlando as they completed their MAs in English at Alberta. Rachel Narvey and Megan Gannett (a CWRC RA) have been terrific members of our team, checking new author entries in CWRC-Writer, and playing important … Read more

Extended free access to Orlando through July 2020

With thanks to our publisher, Cambridge University Press, we announce that access to the Orlando textbase is free through the month of July, as people around the world continue to shelter in place. Explore Orlando at home with this credential: User2020 and Access2020

Orlando’s New Interface: User Testing Begins

We’re happy to share news about one of our works in progress: we’re overhauling the Orlando textbase interface, making significant changes to it for the first time since the textbase went live in 2006. We’re about to begin a key stage in the revision process: user testing. And we aim to gather a wide array … Read more

Orlandians in the World: New and Forthcoming Publications

We’re taking a moment to round up and celebrate our team’s publications informed by and about Orlando: Susan Brown’s article on the challenges of classifying gender in digital scholarship, “Categorically Provisional,” in the January 2020 PMLA special issue on “Varieties of Digital Humanities”; the December 2019 article by Corrinne Harol and her co-authors Brynn Lewis … Read more

Orlando and Women’s History Month, 2020

We hope new users and those familiar with our textbase, Orlando: Women’s Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present, will enjoy its free access during March, marking Women’s History Month. To learn more about Orlando, check out our post on the Cambridge Core blog, hosted by our publisher, Cambridge University Press. To … Read more