Representative Publications and Presentations


Engel, Maureen. “Deep Mapping: Space, Place, and Narrative as Urban Interface.” Jentery Sayers, Ed., The Routledge Companion to New Media and the Digital Humanities.

Selected Articles

Engel, Maureen. “Perverting Play: Theorizing a Queer Game Mechanic.”  Television and New Media special issue “Urban Cartographies” (Nanna Verhoeff et. al. Eds.).

Rockwell , Geoffrey, Calen Henry, Erik deJong, Shannon Lucky, Mihaela Illovan, Lucio Gutierrez, Sean Gouglas, Patricia Boechler, Maureen Engel, Kirsten Uszkalo, and Eleni Stroulia. “Campus Mysteries: Serious Walking Around.” Loading: Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association. 7.12, 1-18.

Rockwell , Geoffrey, Sean Day, Joyce Yu, and Maureen Engel. “Burying Dead Projects: Depositing the Globalization Compendium.” DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly 8.2 n. pag.

Engel, Maureen. “The New Space of New MediaInquire: Journal of Comparative Literature. 3.1, March 2013.

Selected Invited Talks

“The Space of Simultaneity.” Roundtable on “Proliferation.” ACCUTE. Calgary AB. May 2016.

“Queering Play / Playing Queer” L’urbain En Cartes Virtuelles | Virtual Maps Of The Urban Colloquium. Montréal, CÉLAT UQAM, Apr 2015.

Selected Conference Presentations

“Making Space: Digital Methods for Queer Publics” Joint session of Canadian Society for Digital Humanities / Société canadienne des humanités numériques (CSDH/SCHN) and Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féminstes (WGSRF) “Canadian Feminists Theorize the Digital Humanities.” Toronto, ON. May 2017

“Go Queer: A Ludic, Locative Media Experiment.” QGCon 2017 (Queerness and Games). Los Angeles, CA, USA. Apr. 2017.

“Op. Cit: The Indian Hospital in a Context of Reconciliation.” (with H. Zwicker). Crossroads 2016. Sydney, Australia. Dec. 2016.

“Queer History as Locative Placemaking: Queering Edmonton.” Prairie Sexualities: Theories, Archives, Affects, Communities. Edmonton AB. Oct. 2016.

“Locative Media: Queering Space and the City.” Sexuality Studies Association. Calgary AB. May 2016.

“Mapping Homelessness.” HASTAC 2016. Phoenix, AZ, USA. May 2016.

“Perverting Play: Theorizing a Queer Game Mechanic.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) 2016. Atlanta, GA, USA. Apr. 2016.

“Program Structure as Pedagogy: Building a Graduate Digital Humanities Program for the next 15 years.” Digital Humanities 2015. Sydney Australia. Jun 2015.


Selected Poster Presentations

“Visualizing Homelessness.” with A. In et. al. Digital Humanities 2014. Lausanne, Switzerland, Jul. 2014.

“Putting Edmonton on the (Google) Map” with H. Zwicker. Digital Humanities 2010, London UK, July 2010.

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