Graduate Supervision

Graduate Supervision


2019 Zachary Selman-Palmer, MA Digital Humanities, “The Living Dungeon: Space, Convention, and Reinvention in Dungeon Games.”

2018 Kara Wai-Fong Au, MA Digital Humanities, “The Philosophy of Movement: Using Affect Theory and Authenticity to Negotiate Difference Online.”

2018 Maral Hamayeli Mehrabani, MA Humanities Computing, “Good Participation in Web-based PPGIS.”

2017 Jinman Zhang, MA Humanities Computing, “Applying Visualization in Digital Journalism: An Empirical Study on the New York Times.”

2016 Sheng Zhang, MA Humanities Computing, “Digital Visualization Of Transnationalism: Mapping Historical Migration Of Hong Kong Migrants In Canada During The Handover Of Hong Kong Period”

2016 Brett Nisbett, MA Humanities Computing, “Immersive Wayfinding Cues for 3D Video Games”

2015 Samia Pedraça, MA Humanities Computing, “Narratavized Video Games: Playing Cultural Influences and Intentionalities”

2015 Joyce Yu, MA Humanities Computing, “The Way We Move: Rethinking City Spaces With User Generated Data”

2019 Kaitlyn Grant, MA Humanities Computing / Master of Library and Information Studies, “Affective Collections: Exploring Care Practices in Digital Community Heritage Projects.”

2017 Zachary Schoenberger, MA Humanities Computing / Master of Library and Information Studies, “Who Wrote This? Creator Metadata Quality on Academia.Edu”

2020 Antony Owino, MA Digital Humanities, “The Letters Column: A Remediation of the Daily NATION Newspapers, 1974‒1978.”

2018 Kenzie Gordon, MA Digital Humanities, “Powering Up: Games for Sexual Violence Prevention”

2017 Evgeniya Kuznetsova, MA Humanities Computing, “Trauma in Games: Narrativizing Denied Agency, Ludonarrative Dissonance and Empathy Play.”

2016 Tianyi Li, MA Humanities Computing, “Media Protocols: Reading the Mobile Perseus.”

2016 Michael Viola, MA Humanities Computing, “The Collecting and Sharing of Knowledge of Water-Related Place Names in Tokyo” (committee)

2015 Aiden In, MA Humanities Computing, “Enhancing Design with Sound”

2014 Atefeh Mohseni, MA Humanities Computing, “Educational Technology: The Tablet Computer as a Promising Technology in Higher Education”

2014 Luciano Frizzera, MA Humanities Computing, “Mobile Media: New Mediations in Urban Space”

2013 Amy Dyrbye, MA Humanities Computing “HTML5, Tablet Computers and the Emerging Web Paradigm”

2013 Eric Forcier, MA Humanities Computing/MLIS Library Science “The Shoemaker’s Son: A Substantive Theory of Social Media Use for Knowledge Sharing in Academic Libraries”

2013 Ashely Moroz, MA Humanities Computing “App Assisted Language Learning: How Students Perceive Japanese Smartphone Apps”

2018 Wei Wei, MA Humanities Computing, “Guidelines for Designing E-portfolios in Chinese Higher Education.”

2017 Bahaa Harmouche. MDes, “Nurturing empathy for social cohesion: Participatory, community-based communication design research with gay youth living with HIV in Lebanon.”

2016 Devaki Joshi. MDes, “Transforming The Homeless Counting Process: Mapping and Re-Designing Systems and Experiences Through Service Design.”

2016 Andrea Johnston, MA Humanities Computing/ Master of Library and Information Studies “Walking with the Archives: Mapping Newfoundland Identity through Ghost Stories and Folklore.”

2015 Domini Gee, MA Humanities Computing, “Layers of Videogame Narrative and Interactivity.”

2015 Silvia Russell, MA Humanities Computing, “@ Cyberspace: Metaphors and Cybertrespass”

2013 Jamal Saleh, MSc Psychology “Monitor of the Beholder: Identification of Personal Characteristics in Online Text”

2013 Melissa Cuerrier, MA Drama “Giving Voice to the Stage: Michael Levine’s Eugene Onegin and the Polyphonic Set”


Kaitlyn Ensley, MA Digital Humanities

Kendra Cowley, MA Digital Humanities / Master of Library and Information Studies

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