About James Clarke Hook
James Clarke Hook, R.A. (1819-1907) was a famous painter in his day, though less known than he deserves to be today. He started his career as a painter of historical subjects, but is best known for his coastal landscape and scenes of the lives and work of fisher folk... (more)

About this Website
This website, featuring works, resources and original research related to James Clarke Hook, is hosted at the University of Alberta. It began as an offshoot of Dr. Juliet McMaster's book about Rosalie Hooke, James Clarke Hook's wife. From there it grew into something else, looking to take advantage of the unique opportunities of the web to draw in people from around the world... (more)

About the Researchers
This project was created by Dr. Juliet McMaster, Lindsey Whitson, and Elizabeth Gusnoski, all from the English Department at the University of Alberta... (more)