There are several ways to get involved with the IRS.

If you are a student at the UofA and are interested in the kind of research being carried out the studio but do not have a research project developed to bring to the studio, you can still get involved by volunteering to help out with one of the ongoing projects at the studio. This is a great way to learn more about intermedia,


For students and faculty:

If you have a research idea that you want to explore further at any stage of your research process through a project at the intermedia research studio, this is what you do:

First make an appointment with me ( so we can have a preliminary and exploratory discussion of your ideas during which I can give you some early feedback on how to develop a project proposal.

With this feedback, write a brief proposal (5 pages max) that addresses the following, to help me stay organized and on track with your ideas and work:

1. Explain your core research questions or objectives:

2. How does your proposed research align or intersect with the studio’s current research problematic?

3. From which stage of your research process does this project emerge? Indicate all that apply:

Discovery and formation
Critical Reflection
Knowledge Mobilization

4. Do you have collaborators, if so who are they? What will be their roles in the project?

5. What is the approximate timeline of your project?

6. What studio resources will you require?

7. On the basis of a standard research project grant of $300 that the studio can currently provide, prepare a budget for your project:

8. Outline your plans for obtaining supporting funds from other sources and/or fundraising, if necessary:

9. How will your project contribute to building the studio’s research capacity? Indicate all that apply:

available to serve on the studio’s research resource community as advisor and mentor on other projects:
available to provide technical training:
able to mediate and maintain working partnership/collaboration with the following constituencies, publics, organizations:
able to fund graduate student RA-ships at the studio:
able to contribute the following equipment to the studio:

I will review your proposal and get back to you as quickly as I can. Your proposal will form the framework of a Project Agreement specifying the details (for egs. timelines, schedules, gear bookings etc.) of our studio collaboration and we will then get things rolling for you right away.

Studio associates, please contact me at sourayan@ualberta to discuss your ideas.

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