Perfect Storm!


The Intermedia Research Studio at the Department of Sociology, University of Alberta is pleased to announce a photography contest for the City of Edmonton’s Change for Climate community engagement campaign during the IPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference taking place in Edmonton March 5-7th, 2018.


We invite submissions of photographs that address both or either of these two questions:


What does climate change look like in your city?

What does climate justice activism led by women look like in your city?


A jury convened by the Intermedia Research Studio will choose photographs to be included in a photo stream that will be presented at the main stage of the Change for Climate – Epcor Stage public events at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Cities and Climate Change Science Conference venue at the Shaw Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Photos will also be used by the City of Edmonton in a variety of ways to support community engagement events and by the Intermedia Research Studio in on-campus exhibitions during the IPCC conference.


The first, second and third place contest winners will be announced during the last day of the IPPC conference.

Photographs must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and be sent in .jpeg format.

We encourage participants to send their photographs to perfectstormirscontest@gmail.com, along with a 50-word statement regarding the inspiration and meaning of the photograph and a 50-word Bio.

Last day for receiving photographs will be next February 22, 2018.

Participation in the contest indicates permission given to the Intermedia Research Studio and the City of Edmonton to display submitted photographs either electronically or in print form for exhibitions and for publicity. Copyright of submitted works remains with the photographer.





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