Video: What can you do with an Intermedia Studio?

Univ. of Alberta Intermedia Studio - Video editing

Some of our High Definition Video Equipment

The Intermedia Studio is a project space and peer-learning environment organized around project needs.  We have a range of high definition video equipment, including sound and lighting equipment, for field and studio recording.  In this image: transcribing video.

A simple social science project might be a web-based video on the topic of new media and video surveillance (matching form to content): technologies such as automatic face-recognition or even simple access swipe-cards amplify the separation of identity (ie. one’s sense of identity) from identification (“papers please!”), and make intangible aspects of social life (such as community) more and more legible (one’s facebook friends) and explicit (such as in databases).  This highlights issues of identity and the intangible, or virtuality, in social life (cf. sociologists such as David Lyon and many others).  Because new media also enable behaviours which were previously latent or repressed (I don’t think they actually create the behaviours) and allow new activities and relationships in existing locations, the Sociology Department hosts this unique Studio with its focus on intermedia (the interaction between analogue and digital, everyday life and media).


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