sasamegoto the words of that woman chewed on or moist talk

sea roaring rumor murmur rustling or murtering babbling or bubble mumbling

or muslin sasamegoto chewing sachet on the tongue whispering that

woman carriage companion buson or basho would say buson while

spring haru same ya is raining words macerated like chewing gum

resin and sugar on the taste buds word thing saccharine words dancing

on the flowering lips the interlips the interflowerlips butterflying

words flouring words yes but now basho not buson basho seishi under

the rain dream of mimosa pudica and all the time thinking about that image

like the opium poppy in their sleep of rain samidare another month the

fifth and against the raining rain the may rain hikari on your shield of light

golden temple where that woman where that word hikari dō the curved light

like a gold blade gold curve a blade of light palio palladio

against the may rain and the train running the train shooting through a tube

of snow pistons in cylinders in a tunnel sleeve of snow rolling reversed

snow tracks train a shot in the snow train blowing in the snow like a

piercing hissing whistling whizzing there where the train stops will be that

women there where the trains arrives will be that woman where snow snows where

night nights where the end ends will be that woman there sparkling stutter

stammering her rollaway lullaby her tender timid turtledove tremulous trill

of murmurs of rumors mumbling rumbles warbling chirping chirps

treble trills tweedling twitters quavering warp of words the same woman even

if the snow snows if night nights if the end ends will be there where

the train halts shooting tendon of the train cutting the snow piercing snow

piercepiercing snow there she will be there because it's welcomespring that snow

does not freeze sprightly spring the halo of anticipation to see the true pure

verdurous vernal vision of spring that word that fails and butterflies that

veils and reveals that sinks and unships that gum of words that aromatic

tamed bitten gnawed ground pulp of words like biting one's

tongue like twisting one's tongue like someone meting out and mulling

quivering containing constricting predicting depicting inflicting afflicting

one's tongue the bitten tongue aching inside a wordkiss a breath a breeze

a whiff a waft aura aroma of words only a woman behind a paper

screen on an imaginary fan whispering things monogatari paper

stories on a fan the oval blue rising like a moon tsuki aoi tsuki but

ahoj also means hola or hello goodbye in another place where snow snows

and the moldau freezes over bald snow and the white vltava goldene stadt

cusps crests summits golden spires golden cornices against snow flüsternd the voice

of that woman the words turning into gauze fog flittering fluttering like snow

flakes spring in winter springing in winter when the train snaps

like a rubber band on the snow on the glove finger white from the snow like the book

writes itself in that suspended white shot of the train close-shave cutting

ahead alwaysly inbetweenalwayslybefore the sasame dame her words