saffron yellow egg vermillion verging on pompeian red lead you could

say after seeing pompeii the amorini friezes against giallorosso

background but this is rome roman colors flying the blue

delicate most delicate of that rarefied january morning the tender winter

that year almost spring springing in the first greens and reds and tawnygold

vermillionyellow yolkbisque and crimson and oldancient imperial walls

oldancient baroque palazzi mansiontenements alternating with

villas lei può dirmi dov'è la via del consolato i'm not italian i'm

amer'kan from inside a sports car and could you tell me sir where

the swiss airline office is try to understand teacher please

commercial airplane pilot attempting to sell fake zenith watches

the best swiss brand and all for 400 dollars he needed to travel

that same night and with that money clear everything else with customs

e per caso the other guy ragioniere of a cassa di risparmio who didn't

live in rome but nearby and de per caso interested in watches per

caso a jewelry appraiser and peccato he didn't speak english and peccato

he didn't have money with him just the next day in viterbo but could he

take him to the hotel per carità cerchi di farlo capire a profitable business

in rome lei chi parla la lingua la prego mercury god of thieves

winged ankles in the roman afternoon in a rare rarefied softblue evening

façades like pennants redwine goldenyellow on each corner

a piazza in every piazza a fountain io sono onesta onestissima una

vedova a widow mio povero marito questi cani rossi montano adesso sono

pericolosissimi montano dappertutto da ogni parte here is villa giulia

etruscan museum and you can go down but presto non ingombrare l'uscita

you can gather with your nose the finecool roman air that the lovers

embrace on the sidewalk delle belle arti and nobody knows where

the museum of villa giulia is while at villa giulia and goingdownup

engardened steps but at the end the antefissa of apollo's temple watching

you intently from empty sockets gorgon gargoyle snake-locks sticking out

its tongue of stone at you between fangs of stone while a warrior rides

the gnawed hump of a sea serpent and elsewhere highlighted gli sposi

golden peace frozen in their nuptial sarcophagusbed so you remember

peace and giving each other peace in mutual death in mute death so golden you

rethink them going out early morning cold friction of cold in the pores and rome

falling off the capitoline hill where the marblefingered capitoline venus

covers her marble groin ogni riproduzione vietata and exposed brick

walls and ruins with exposed cracks truncated columns broken

peristyles blows like bones in the roman forum forsaken by the gods in via

di ripetta la signora andrea olive-skinned and oro golden vellum in the

roman tramonto delicately filtered evening air aerial air through fine sieve

a book or quasi una scultura foldsunfolds da viaggio