i close conclude echo here i stand here i stop zero done i don't sing i don't tell

i don't want i night i unspring rid myself in the end of this book in this flight

i soar spider and fly mineral and mine string in tune a psaltery muse

nomorenomore i play out of tune i played fair i played right in this thirst

i unsalt i unstart i conclude enclose myself in the end of the world the book ends

the bottom the end the book the fate no trace remains no sequel no game of checkers

or chess hopscotch blindman's buff ticktacktoe the world ends the book ends love

unfeathers and fades the hand moves the table turns truth is the same as

lies fiction filament of shears and lyre and the entire mind filled with sapphires

and motherofpearl missing the mark singing the bird inside where his song

is in tune and his blade more a tongue while the tongue more a blade

here i split bay and voice a knotless point against the grain where i sang no more

i sing where the summer i make winter a trip turnaroundtrip goingbeyond

i echo i don't tell i don't sing i don't want i unbound my book my note-

book mirrorbook of mine say of the book that i write in the end of the first

book and if in the end of this one another is already messenger of the

new the last since even in the first is done slavescribe inkpotman

monster old gay storyteller of baloneylegends here you end here

you collapse cave in abracadabracrumble open sesame sevenstars

each of the sevenkeys sealing near to you next to you next to

nothing youvoice youthreevariants your gay science oldplusold teller

of words of fibs of proverbs hum of voices you resist false wolf-

crier sharp envoy-er in the habit of customs and accustomed to habits

youyouryouwithme withuswithyou contingenst est quod potest esse et

non esse all ends up in a book rivermouth in that voice in that you of the book

that jumps in flows about and waterfalls at the end of that road one does not

return from because not going is a turn a return a retrip that

turns around because not going is a turn because not going returns the retrip

that is made from winding made from wind from stoppage from mirage quill

burlap from weavable weavery gaymonster gabby gossiper gulping down

your most garrulous solo here you collapse in this book-end where speech

curdles the hand tremblesthe ship docks bluegreen master oldoldman

word chewer word spender word bender of slack words here you end here

you trip and stumble wisecrack knower of nors with your savoir gay your riddles

and your swirls your puzzles and your pillage pilferer of fables

counterfeiter of fairies loquaciousloon burpboaster burpbrag

brewer of science refiner of folly but your soul will be saved

your soul is cleansed in that book that's bleached like the whitest star

and when you vanish it will devour you when you lock the key it

multiopens when you eliminate it it transluminates this dead tongue

this ill-starred luck the umbilichord that stuck me to the door for the book

is your old port mabuse faustianfaust of language persecuted by your

mephistofamished faithful and thus you made it thus you weaved it thus

you gave it and avrà quasi l'ombra della vera costellazione while the

mind quasi-rainbow edens in this multibook and della doppia danza