augenblick oder augenblick oder augenbild or a dagger readily driving

itself into lucretia by lucas cranach staatsgalerie stuttgart who could

see her otherwise when-never under a veil glimpsing gazing gauze luftblowing

the tenuous trembling of air softly revealing complete nudity head

slightly leaning medieval hair net trim-coifed pearl lattice fastening

red curls apple-red cheeks a few shining golden rings hanging from

the coif ivory of the forehead half-open eyes in death ecstasy-rage

of vengeful death i never saw a dagger so elaborate a blade so sharp

becoming sharp at the wrought handle goldbronze inlays tawnier than the usual red

and redtawny halo against the black background and an oblique

landscape vanishing disappearing bluepinkgreenblack with red dots and

total nudity under the lavish coif as if attached to the pearl choker

or the shoulder of the mantle draped on the back of the invisible glass bead

cellophane cloak one could say had cellophane existed then the slender waist

the slim torso the breasts barely outlined with pink rosebuds the navel highlighted

small shell the evasive line of the right thigh surpassed by the left

small pinksmooth shell of darkness the navel conchiglia the slight roundness of the

shadow into shadowsilky down finest passing through the gauzy gauze

in a whirlywild stroke the thread of shadow flowing into the three-way fork of

shadows where life darkens velvet tapestry barely glimpsed life and the

dagger erect frozen sharp steel dormant death rose la vie en rose the

rose-colored halted predeath but you know on the corners medieval figures in

magazine stands mantilla-shrouded nursenuns selling bibles you know that on

every corner bibles in shop windows scrawled gothic script while street choirs

sing salvation grind salvation grüss'gott gretchen grüss'gott frau

doctor grüss'gott anna old ladies in mushroom hats umbrella-shaped

in secret council sipping tea tee mit zitronensaft water mixing with wine in

glasses reddish teabags hanging from strings in cups

all ready for a pacific parliament of mushrooms old old ladies

fat elderly ancient semi-old aging withered withering

thin fat fattening mushroomold savoring apple tarts apfelkuchen

oozing filling like creamy tumors guten appetit and somewhere else

diane de poitiers reflected in her mirror a ruby in her hairdo a pearl at the

parting of the hair pearling an equally ivory forehead her hair done up

greenblonde the face chiseled towards the chin softly arching green eyebrows

the fine straight line of the nose a half hesitant perhaps almost quasi

semi smile on her face lips caught by surprise half-open kiss and the gauze

mantle heavier this time graygold half-veiling the arms and shoulders nudity

in greengold whirl nudity rose blooming and in bloom the breast-goblets

erect nipples a string of pearls trickling between the breasts two fingers

fondling a pearl two more a ring the mirror doubling the image but

this would be a book on a plinth two bodies in a carnal copula of bronze