apsara moves goldpowdered thighs a thousand and one lights under the violet veil a false

apsara no doubt in a false hindu temple with lace-covered walls and a pagoda canopy

blonde pseudo-apsara laughing earning dollars during summer vacation

but when they want they to purchase all at once not just one romanesque

saint of the fragment of a statue but the entire church with stalls and portals

naves and niches this city has a river called the rio carlos ray charles

river and triangles fast sails closely shave the sporty sunday blue

you can walk until you drop upon the grass-green banks where a neon

opal turns milk into ruby the structure of the prudential a platinum beehive

enters your window in the dark the obscure cube of night nownow puffing

breath and sirens on purple cushions the lilac lady from rajasthan

longs for her lover the coiled tip of the hookah resting in her languishing right

hand the left strokes a pearl ever so slightly above the unseen nipple

the other breast rising a soft hillock brushed by the locks of her hair

rubber beige eyes of the ruffian demanding more beer coarse laugh

boxer's nose jokes for the lady who twitters and chatters next to him

in heat loudlipstick lips on the plaster face an old lady smiling

a her beau flaunting toothpaste teeth flamingoes in the purple sunset

or was it a clair-de-moon facing a lunar silver flight of herons

in any event the moon-sun in the sky creamy silk watches the long

hopeful entreating look of the beauty of rajasthan only that sadfire anxious eye

slanted in profile facing the absent beloved and on the head a petalpearl vibrillating

while the servant folded hands watches over virgin eyebrows of pain that bitter dame

but madame smiles at her obscene beau fetus-eyed and platinum-blonde

his voice hoarse and rancid with sweat beer vaseline and hair

our lady of tahull circa 1123 came from catalonia an entire church

rebuilt inside the museum café budapest a boston institution

the lady reclines on the lilac rug ambiance and service

beamed ceiling and chandeliers provide an authentic hungarian setting

gold-winged butterfly crystal-gold cellophane wing amethyst

carpet her naked torso raised the fleeting line of the belly legs intertwined

at the ankles but the hind legs round as a cither gathered

in jade-colored fabric a small strip of peach flesh frou-fleeing above the line of the

navel the goulash and sauerbraten are unsurpassed pastries made right

here in our kitchens including our famous hungarian strudel and just steps away

krishna bathes amid the round-breasted gopis see him grab this gopi

by the arm all gopis carry a flower between their lips they came from the punjab mountains

now look at the neon-yellow silkscreen of the prudential turning egg

white the flowering of rectangles breathing in the night four stars

motionless and a blinking dot the false hindu temple is right there apsara

jumping from donne to ferlinghetti obviously she had no idea what she was

talking about she was studying literature in college this silk spool that time

ravels and unravels and this book too a time spool that silk weaves

out into the leprosy-blue metal carcass the leg of a woman resting on

the empty car seat pointy carnival shoes and beer bottles lying

around and a woman's slip on the windshield kienholz the american way