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Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project

Ukraine has many wonderful songs and stories. These are told in the villages and cities of Ukraine. Natalie Kononenko, Kule Chair of Ukrainian Ethnography at the University of Alberta has been collecting these songs and stories by interviewing people in Ukraine. Since she first visited Ukraine in 1987 she has collected 200 hours of interviews. Within these 200 hours there are hundreds of songs and stories. Many of these have never been heard outside of Ukraine, but among them there are some old favourites.

With funding from the Government of Canada (a SSHRC grant) Natalie has begun a project to get the community involved in converting these songs and stories into text - written words - rather than spoken words and, furthermore, written words in English.

Would you like to volunteer to help with this project?

Pick a user name and password and send them to:

You can then download each sound file as an mp3 and go ahead and transcribe/translate.