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China: 5,000 Years Guggenheim Museum, 1998

Guangzhou Triennial

Hong Kong International Art Fair

Hong Kong - Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale

inside out: New Chinese Art New York Asia Gallery. "First major exhibition to present the dynamic new art being produced by artists in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and by selected artists who emigrated to the West in the late 1980s."

Shanghai Biennale (archived: 2000, 2002, 2004, 2008; home page URL for 2006 Biennale at bottom of page)

Taipei Biennial 2010 (archived: 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008)

Image Archives: Library and Academic Institutions

Asian art in the Undergraduate Curriculum Project IDEAS project (search collections)

Beijing 1988 IDEAS Project (search collections)

China Art Current Hsing-yuan Tsao, University of British Columbia

Cities/Buildings Image Archive University of Washington, Meredith L. Clausen's archive of architectural images from all over the world, including Burma, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Tibet.

Hong Kong Art Archive

Maps of Shanghai Christian Henriot, editor

Sexism and Racism in Chinese Advertising Charlene Makley, Reed College

Image Databases: Nonprofit Organizations and Other Fun Sites

88 MOCCA Museum of Contemporary Chinese Art on the Web in addition to images, an excellent source on special exhibitions, events, news, and resources

1989 Tiananmen Protests Long Bow Group

Chinese Taipei Film Archive (CFTA) Taiwan

The Da Zha Lan Project Beijing

Fei Contemporary Art Center Shanghai

Freewaves Film, Media, and Video Art Festivals (features work of Cui Xiuwen, Chuang Wen-yo, Jiang Zhi, Liu Wei, Pan Hsin-Ping, Qiu Zhijie, Wang Jianwei, Yang Zhenzhong, Zhou Xiaohu, and others)

Pop! The First Male Pregnancy Lee Mingwei

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art Beijing

Zuni Icosahedron (in Chinese & English) "an independent cultural collective... developing new frontiers for the cultural scene in Hong Kong and abroad"

Contemporary Art Galleries in China
Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong

10 Chancery Lane Gallery Hong Kong

1918 Art Space Shanghai

798 Factory/Dashanzi Art District Beijing

798 Space Beijing

Alexander Ochs Gallery Beijing

Alisan Fine Arts Hong Kong

Amelia Johnson Gallery Hong Kong

Andrew James Art @ B24 Shanghai

Arario Gallery Beijing

AroundSpace Gallery Shanghai

Art Beatus Hong Kong, Vancouver BC

Art Labor 2.0 Shanghai

Art Scene Beijing

Art Scene China Shanghai

Art Scene Warehouse Shanghai

Art + Shanghai

Aura Gallery Beijing

BANG Beijing

Beaugeste Gallery Shanghai

Beijing Commune Beijing

Caochangdi Beijing

Chambers Fine Art Beijing

China Art Archives and Warehouse Beijing

China Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing

Courtyard Gallery Beijing

Don Gallery Shanghai

Elisabeth de Brabant Gallery Shanghai

Ethan Cohen Gallery Hong Kong

F2 Gallery Beijing

FQ Projects Shanghai

Front Line Contemporary Beijing

Galerie Paris-Beijing

Galerie Urs Meile Lucerne, Beijing

Galleria Continua Beijing

Gallerie Dumonteil Shanghai

Grotto Fine Art Hong Kong

Hanart TZ Gallery Hong Kong

Imagine Gallery Beijing

James Cohan Gallery Shanghai

Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery Hong Kong

M Art Center Shanghai

m97 Art Space Shanghai

New Chinese Art chinese contemporary art

Osage Contemporary Art Gallery Shanghai

Osage Atelier Hong Kong

OV Gallery Shanghai

Pace Gallery Beijing

Para/Site Art Space Hong Kong

Pearl Lam Gallery Shanghai

pékin fine arts Beijing

Platform China Beijing

Plum Blossoms Hong Kong

Red Gate Gallery Beijing

River South Art Center Shanghai

Saatchi Gallery

Schoeni Art Gallery Hong Kong

Shanghai Gallery of Art

ShanghART Gallery Shanghai

ShangART at 796 Huaihai Lu Shanghai

Shine Art Space Shanghai

Soka Art Center Beijing

Taipei Artist Village

Three on the Bund Shanghai

Two Cities Gallery Shanghai

Vanguard Gallery Shanghai

Vitamin Creative Space Guangzhou

Wan Fung Art Gallery Beijing

Wellside Gallery Shanghai

Videotage Hong Kong

Zee Stone Gallery Hong Kong

Artist websites

Ai Weiwei 艾未未

Cai Guo-QIang 蔡国强

Cao Fei 曹斐

Chen Hangfeng 陈航峰

Chen Shaoxiong 陈劭雄

Chen Wei 陳維

Feng Mengbo 冯梦波

Gu Wenda 谷文达

Han Bing 韩冰

Hong Hao 洪浩

Huang Shih Chieh 黄世傑

Jiang Zhi 蒋志

Lee Kit 李傑

Lee Mingwei 李明维

Li Jin 李津

Li Wei 李(日韦)

Lin Tianmiao 林天苗

Lin Zhipeng (aka 223) 林志鹏

Liu Bolin 刘勃麟

Liu Xiaodong 刘小东

Lu Yang 陆扬

Maleonn 马良

Polit-Sheer-Form Office (Beijing Commune 北京公社)

Qin Feng 秦风

Qiu Anxiong 邱黯雄

Qiu Zhijie 邱志杰

Sheng Qi 盛奇

Song Dong 宋东

Sui Jianguo 随建国

Tang Ting

Wang Gongxin 王功新

Wang Guangyi 王广义

Wang Qingsong 王庆松

Xing Danwen 邢丹文

Xu Beihong 徐悲鸿

Xu Bing 徐冰

Yang Fudong 杨福东

Yang Yongliang 杨泳梁

Yin Xiuzhen 尹秀珍

Yu Hong 喻红

Yue Minjun 岳敏君

Zeng Han 曾翰

Zhang Hongtu 张宏图

Zhang Huan 张洹

Zhao Bandi 赵半狄

Zhao Weiqing 趙緯清

Zheng Chongbin 郑重宾

Zheng Guogu 郑国谷

Zhou Hai 周海


see CHINESE ARCHITECTS 建筑师 website (English & Chinese)

Yung Ho Chang 张永和, Feichang jianzhu atelier 非常建筑

Liu Jiakun 刘家琨, Jiakun Associates 家琨建筑设计事务所

Ma Qingyun/MADA s.p.a.m 马清运

Wang Shu 王澍, Amateur Architecture

Yu Kongjian 俞孔坚, Turenscape 土人设计

Zhu Pei 朱锫 and Wu Tong 吴桐, Studio Pei-Zhu 朱锫建筑事务所

Blogs about Contemporary Chinese Art and Culture

The China Beat: How Blogging the East is Read

Studio BBQ: A Personal Blog on Arts and Beyond Leung Chi Wo, Hong Kong

Studio bibliotheque Michael Lee Hong-hwee, Hong Kong

Samantha Culp Samantha Culp, Hong Kong

Ou Ning's Blog Ou Ning, Beijing

Shanghai Art Chase A classroom blog, on contemporary art and new media in relation to China, with focus on Shanghai. Managed by NYU in Shanghai Contemporary Art & New Media Class Students. Instructor: Defne Ayas

Virtual Shanghai

Widener in Chongqing M. Colette Plum, Professor

Bibliography and Online Journals

Art Asia Pacific

Bibliography of Chinese Architecture Tang Center, Princeton

Bibliography of Chinese Cinema Tang Center, Princeton

Bibliography of Contemporary Chinese Art compiled by Britta Erickson archive of articles, images from past issues

East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources Robert Y. Eng, University of Redlands

Modern and Contemporary Asian Art (PDF format) bibliography compiled by John Clark